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====Questionable Organizations====
*[[Questionable Organisations]] (Topic Index)
*[[Degree Mills]]
====Quackademic Medicine====
*[[Quackademic Medicine]] (Topic Medicine)
==== Pharmacists & Pharmaceuticals (Medications)====
==== Pharmacists & Pharmaceuticals (Medications)====
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[["Psychic" Advice by Mail or Telephone]]
[["Psychic" Advice by Mail or Telephone]]
====Questionable Organizations====
*[[Questionable Organisations]] (Topic Index)
*[[Degree Mills]]
====Quackademic Medicine====
*[[Quackademic Medicine]] (Topic Medicine)
==== Supplements, Herbs, Hormones ====
==== Supplements, Herbs, Hormones ====
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[[Quackwatch Mission Statement]]
*[[Quackwatch Mission Statement]]
*[[Barrett | Stephen Barrett, MD]] Biography
==== Uncategorized ====
[[Barrett | Stephen Barrett, MD]] Biography

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