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The SfSBM wiki is based on Quackwatch and its affiliated sites and are due to a generous donation of its founder and editor, Dr. Stephen Barrett. The goal of the wiki is to both preserve the information in Quackwatch and to expand upon it.

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Supplements, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines

affilated sites temporary for the conversion

Acupuncture and 'Eastern' Medicine (Topic Index)

AIDS-Related Quackery and Fraud

Algae Products: False Claims and Hype

Allergies: Dubious Diagnosis and Treatment

"Alternative" and "Complementary" Methods (Topic Index)

"Antiaging Medicine"

Aromatherapy: Making Dollars out of Scents

Ayurvedic Mumbo-Jumbo

"Bio-Identical" Hormones

Cancer: Questionable Therapies (Topic Index)


"Candidiasis HypersensitivityYeast Allergy"

"Cellulite" Removers

Chelation Therapy

Chinese Medicine

Chiropractic (Topic Index)

Colloidal minerals

Colloidal silver

Colon Therapy and Related Quackery

Craniosacral Therapy


"Detoxification" Schemes

DHEA: Ignore the Hype

Dietary Supplements, Herbs, and Hormones (Topic Index)

Dubious Diagnostic Tests (Topic Index)

Ear Candling

Electrodermal screening

"Ergogenic Aids"

Eye-Related Quackery

Fad Diagnoses (Topic Index)

Faith Healing

Gamma-hydroxybutyric Acid: A Growing Danger

Genetic Testing


Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Arthritis

Growth Hormone Schemes and Scams

Hair Analysis: A Cardinal Sign of Quackery

Hair Removal Methods: What Works and What Doesn't (Topic Index)

Herbal Practices and Products

Homeopathy (Topic Index)

Hyperbaric Medicine: What Works and What Does Not?

Insurance Fraud and Abuse

Ionic Cleansing


Juice Plus


Low-Carbohydrate Diets (including Atkins Diet)

Lyme disease: Questionable Diagnosis and Treatment


Mail-Order Quackery

Magnet Therapy: A Skeptical View

Massage Therapy: Riddled with Quackery

Mental Help, Questionable Approaches (Topic Index)

Metabolic Therapy

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Multiple Sclerosis "Cures"

Multilevel Marketing: Mostly a Mirage

Natural Hygiene: A Critical Look

Naturopathy (Topic Index)

Nutrition Insurance

Organic Foods: Certification Does Not Protect Consumers


Pharmacists (Topic Index)

Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty (PNT for Glaucoma)

Power Lines and Cancer: Nothing to Fear

Psychic Practices (Astrology, Tarot, Palm Reading, Tarot, etc.)




Therapeutic Touch (Topic Index)

Top Health Frauds

Unnecessary Surgery

Vitamin C: The Dark Side of Linus Pauling's Legacy

Water-Related Frauds and Quackery (Topic Index)

Weight Control Gimmicks and Frauds

Questionable Advertisements

"% of Doctors Take Antioxidants"

Can Florsheim Shoes Cure Your Magnetic Deficiency?

"Chiropractic Healing Successfully Treats Cancer"

Clarified Butter (Ghee): Is It a health food?

Dr. Oz Makes Wacky Claims for Pyjamas

Eckerd Drugs' "Personalized Vitamins"

Enzyte Marketers Sued

Enzyme Deficiency

Gero Vita, A. Glenn Braswell, and the 'Journal' of Longevity

Impossible Weight-Loss Claims: Summary of an FTC Report

Life Force Energy Discs

Magnetic Bracelet

Magnetize Your Beverages?

"Mommy My Ears Hurt"

Oxygenated Water Device

More Oxygen Hype:Magnesium-Based Oxygen Therapy

PhytopharmaPlant Macerat Weight-Loss Plan

"Recommend Centrum to Bridge Nutrition Gaps"

Recovery™: An "Amazing" Story

Reflexology Steering Wheel Cover

Slim Slippers: A Precautionary Tale

Free Preliminary Spinal Examination

Nonrecommended Sources of Health Advice

Books (Topic List)

Degree Mills

Health-Food-Store Advice: Don't Trust It!


Robert Atkins, MD

Robert Barefoot

Peter R. Breggin, MD

Jeffrey Bland, PhD

Patrick T. "Tim" Bolen

Hulda Clark Bizarre Claims

Adelle Davis

Lorraine Day, MD

Kurt W. Donsbach

David Eisenberg, MD

James S. Gordon, MD

Earl Mindell

Gary Null

Mehmet Oz, MD (link to another site)

David W. Rowland

Jordan S. Rubin

Lendon Smith, MD

Andrew Weil, MD

Julian Whitaker, MD

Robert O. Young

Other Individuals (Topic Index)

Questionable Organizations

Questionable Organizations: An Overview

American Association of Nutritional Consultants

Center for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Center for Medical Consumers

Citizens for Health

Council for Responsible Nutrition

Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine

National Health Federation

People's Medical Society

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (link to another site)

Periodicals. (Topic Index)

"Psychic" Advice by Mail or Telephone

Publishers That Promote Quackery (Topic Index)

Nonrecommended Web Sites

Consumer Protection

Informed Consumer Behavior

Doctor-Patient Communication Tips

How to Spot a Personal Injury Mill

Antiquackery Organizations

Where to Complain or Seek Help

Online Scams: A Message from the FTC

Genetically Modified Organisms

Spam Messages

Some Strategies to Prevent Spams

FTC Names "Dirty Dozen" Spam Scams

Strengths and Weaknesses of Our Laws

How Congress Weakened the FDA in 1994

Why Nutritionist Licensing Is Important

AMA Discourages Product Sales in Medical Offices

Viatical Settlements

FDA Warning Letters (Index)

The Dr. Rinse Case: An Inside Look at FDA Dietary Supplement Regulation in the 1980's

Enzymatic Therapy

General Nutrition

Home Shopping Network

Consumer Strategy: Health Promotion

Antioxidants and other Phytochemicals: Current Scientific Perspective

Cardiovascular Disease

Risk Factors

Does Lowering Homocysteine Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

Appropriate Use of Dietary Supplements

Exercise: Choosing and Using Equipment

Fluoridation: Don't Let the Poisonmongers Scare You!

Immunization: Common Misconceptions

Low-Fat Eating: Practical Tips

Vegetarianism: Healthful But Not Necessary

Consumer Strategy: Tips for Provider Selection

Choosing a Dentist

Where to Get Mental Help

Where to Get Professional Nutrition Advice

Choosing an Osteopathic Physician

Choosing a Chiropractor

Be Wary of "Free Foot Exam" Ads

Board Certification: What Does It Mean?

Choosing a Personal Trainer

How to Check a Physician's Credentials

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Nonrecommended Treatment Facilities


Consumer Strategy: Disease Management

Drugs (Topic Index)

Fibromyalgia Strategies (Topic Index)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Latex Allergy Epidemic

Low Back Pain

Refractive Surgery

Scoliosis: A Sensible Approach

Education for Consumers and Health Professionals

Handling Challenges to Skepticism

Internet Health Scares

Media Watch: Critiques of Prominent Articles and Broadcasts

Consumer Reports' Attack on Pesticides Criticized

The Unfounded Vaccination-Autism Scare

News Briefs (Topic Index)

Questions and Answers

Quiz: What's Your Consumer Health IQ?

Recommended Magazines, Newsletters, and Journals

Reliable Agencies and Organizations

Urban Legends, Rumors, and Hoaxes

Web Site Evaluations

Research Projects (Volunteers Needed

Alternative Cancer Treatment Registry

Dubious Advertising

Link Patrol

Multilevel Marketing through the Internet

Quackery for Pets

Questionable Methods Project

Legal and Political Activities (How You Can Help

Fighting Pseudo-Science: Tips for Activists

Qui Tam Suits against Health Care Fraud

Why Psychologists Should Not Be Licensed to Prescribe Psychiatric Drugs

Recommended Links

ALS Untangled (Investigates clinics claiming to treat ALS)

American Council on Science and Health (ACSH)

Aquascams (Water-related scams and pseudo-science)

Australian Council Against Health Fraud (ACAHF)

Bad Science Watch

Campaign for Science-Based Healthcare

Chirobase (Quackwatch's skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and current practices)

Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)

Current Issues in Alternative Medicine CINAM (Quackery viewed from a Christian perspective)

(Quackwatch's guide to intelligent dental care) (What "alternative" medical practitioners might not tell you)

Dr. Bill of Health (nutrition, exercise and health)

Edzard Ernst's CAM Blog

Genomics, Medicine, and Pseudoscience (Steven Saltzberg's blog)

Hair Quackery (The balding skeptic's guide)

Homeowatch Wiki

James Randi Educational Foundation

Mesothelioma resources and mesothelioma treatment information

MLM Watch (Quackwatch's guide to multilevel marketing)

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

The Nightengale Collaboration (consumer protection campaigns)

The Quack Files

Quackcast (skeptical evaluations of "alternative" medicine

Quackometer(efficient Web search for critical information)

Ratbags (fighting pseudo-science with humor)

Save Yourself(pseudo-science related to massage, sports, and physical therapy)

Sense About Science

Science Based Medicine (anti-pseudo-medicine blog)

Skeptical Information Sources (updated)

Skeptics Circle Blogspot

Society for Science Based Medicine

Skeptics Dictionary (over 400 topics)

The SkeptVet


Other Valuable Sites (More than links, updated)

Vitamin O/Stabilized Oxygen

FTC Attacks "Stabilized Oxygen" Claims

General Observations/Conceptual Frameworks

Quackery: How Should It Be Defined?

How Quackery Sells

Twenty-Six Ways to Spot Quacks and Vitamin Pushers

How Quackery Harms Cancer Patients

Health Freedom

More Plots That Can Fool You

"Research" Associated with the Promotion of Questionable Theories, Products, and Services

Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science

Common Misconceptions About Quackery

Vulnerability to Quackery

How People Are Fooled by Ideomotor Action

Endorsements Don't Guarantee Reliability

The Power of Coincidence: Some Notes on "Psychic" Predictions

Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience

Science Needs to Combat Pseudoscience: A Statement by 32 Russian Scientists and Philosophers

Why Health Professionals Become Quacks

Why Quackery Persists

Victim Case Reports

Nonvictims of Quackery

Ten Ways to Avoid Being Quacked

Signs of a Quack Device

How to Spot a "Quacky" Web Site

Pro-Quackery Legislation

Quackery: A $10 Billion Scandal (1984)

Senate Hearing on Anti-Aging Quackery

Incisive Comments

Lessons from the History of Medical Delusions (Worthington Hooker, MD, 1850)

The Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Quackery in 20th-Century America

The Toadstool Millionaires: Social History of Patent Medicines before Federal Regulation

Propaganda Techniques Related to Environmental Scares

Spontaneous Remission and the Placebo Effect

Why Strong Laws Are Needed to Protect Us

Some Notes on the Nature of Science

Why Bogus Therapies Often Seem to Work

Fifteen Ways to Spot an Internet Bandit

Common Questions About Science and "Alternative" Health Methods

Response to an Alt-Muddled Friend


My Experience With "BioEnergetics"

My Strange Encounter With Chiropractic Screening


Quackwatch Mission Statement


FDA Letters about Improper Research

Stephen Barrett, MD Biography

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