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Consumer Protection

Informed Consumer Behavior

Doctor-Patient Communication Tips

How to Spot a Personal Injury Mill

Antiquackery Organizations

Where to Complain or Seek Help

Online Scams: A Message from the FTC

Genetically Modified Organisms

Education for Consumers and Health Professionals

Handling Challenges to Skepticism

Internet Health Scares

Media Watch: Critiques of Prominent Articles and Broadcasts

Consumer Reports' Attack on Pesticides Criticized

The Unfounded Vaccination-Autism Scare

News Briefs (Topic Index)

Questions and Answers

Quiz: What's Your Consumer Health IQ?

Recommended Magazines, Newsletters, and Journals

Reliable Agencies and Organizations

Urban Legends, Rumors, and Hoaxes

Consumer Strategy: Tips for Provider Selection

Choosing a Dentist

Where to Get Mental Help

Where to Get Professional Nutrition Advice

Choosing an Osteopathic Physician

Choosing a Chiropractor

Be Wary of "Free Foot Exam" Ads

Board Certification: What Does It Mean?

Choosing a Personal Trainer

How to Check a Physician's Credentials

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Nonrecommended Treatment Facilities

Consumer Strategy: Disease Management

Refractive Surgery

Scoliosis: A Sensible Approach

Reliable Agencies and Organizations

Urban Legends, Rumors, and Hoaxes

Web Site Evaluations


General Information

Mainstream Professions

Other Training and Credentials

Government Regulation

Investigative Reports

Questionable Entities

Links to Other Sites