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These books are unreliable because they promote misinformation, espouse unscientific theories, and/or contain unsubstantiated advice. The criteria used in my article How to Spot a Quacky Web Site can also be used to identify quacky books.

Book Author/Editors
Arthritis Foundation's Guide to Alternative Therapies William Arnold, MD, and others
The Cancer Industry Ralph W Moss
Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines Andrew Wakefield
Choices in Healing Michael Lerner
Complete Medicinal Herbal Penelope Ody
Cure for All Cancers and Cure for All Diseases Hulda Regehr Clark, PhD, ND
Dr Anderson's Antioxidant, Antiaging Health Program James W Anderson, MD
Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution (link to another site) Robert C Atkins, MD
Earl Mindell's Herb Bible Earl Mindell
Eat Right for Your Type Peter J D'Adamo, ND
Entering the Zone/Mastering the Zone (link to another site) Barry Sears
Evidence of Harm (link to another site) David Kirby
Fit for Life Harvey and Marilyn Diamond
Fundamentals of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Marc Miccozzi, MD, PhD
Healing with Homeopathy Wayne B Jonas, MD

Jennifer Jacobs, MD, MPH

Healing Childhood Ear Infections Michael A. Schmidt, DC
Healing Words (link to another site) Larry Dossey, MD
Healthy School Handbook Norma L Miller, EdD (editor)
Laetrile Case Histories John A. Richardson, MD
Life Extention: A Practical Scientific Approach Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (editors)
The Medical Advisor: The Complete Guide to Alternative &ampConventional Treatments Editors of Time-Life Books
Medicine and Malice Chester Wilk, DC
Medicine on Trial Charles Inlander
Natural Healing with Herbs Humbart Santillo, BS, MH
Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About Kevin Trudeau
Perfect Health Deepak Chopra, MD
Prescription for Nutritional Healing James F Balch, MD & Phyllis A Balch
Racketeering in Medicine James Carter, MD
Reclaiming Our Health John Robbins
Spontaneous Healing Andrew Weil, MD
Talking Back to Ritalin & The Ritalin Fact Book Peter Breggin, MD
Timeless Healing Herbert Benson, MD
The Perricone Prescription Nicholas V. Perricone, MD
Total Wellness Joseph Pizzorno, ND
Ultraprevention Mark Hyman, MD ans Mark Liponis, MD
The Vaccine Book Robrt Sears, MD
What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer Nicholas Gonzalez, MD
Your Body's Many Cries for Water Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD