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Points of Interest 02/26/2017

What Homeopathic Medicine Offers to People with Lead Poisoning and Other Environmental Exposures. Giving diluted lead to treat lead poisoning. The Huffington Post is publishing a worthless intervention for a very serious disease. Someday someone may die as a result.Outrage as conspiracy theorist who says the earth is flat and gravity is a 'hoax' pr...
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Points of Interest 01/21/2017

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2016;2016:6520475. doi: 10.1155/2016/6520475. Epub 2016 Dec 26. Potential Health Benefits of Deep Sea Water: A Review.. " It is usually associated with the following characteristics: low temperature, high purity, and being rich with nutrients, namely, beneficial elements, which include magnesium, calcium, potassi...
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ND's licensed in Massachusetts. Medical Schools Beat Them to Pseudo-Science.

Last week the Governor of Massachusetts signed into law bill 2335 establishing a Naturopathy Board. As noted by the American Council on Science and Health, Massachusetts is now the 20th state where the legislature has legalized Naturopathic pseudo-scientific harm. As someone who has spent more of my life in Massachusetts than in any other state, be...
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Points of Interest 01/06/2017

The Most Honest Man in Medicine? Dr. Joseph Mercola reigns over a long-running "natural health" website and e-commerce empire. He wants to save people from pharmaceutical profiteers, toxic chemicals, and greedy doctors. But former colleagues and medical experts say he's more dangerous than the supposed threats he preaches about.What can the anti-va...
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Points of Interest 12/14/2016

Skepticism of Alternative Medicine Lingers. A lack of scientific evidence keeps some in the field wary."There are always going to be some physicians who are more open and flexible, and then there are going to be others who are more resistant." You mean open and flexible to science and medicine and resistant to fantasy? Somehow I think not.Consumers...
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Keeping an eye on NCCAM research may become easier if new NIH policy adopted

According to JAMA,  a recent analysis of 400 clinical studies revealed that 30% had not shared results through publication or through results reporting in within 4 years of completing the research.  Why? 

The scientific community has a disappointing track record for dissemination of clinical trial results. Numerous factors may contribute to these poor publication rates, including some that are beyond the control of researchers. Despite the best efforts of investigators, the results of some trials may never reach the threshold deemed necessary to merit the attention of journal editors and readers.

A big step forward in clinical trial transparency was made in November when the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health published proposals requiring researchers to report the results of certain trials at  

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Science For Science Based Medicine

Guest Post by Eugenie V. Mielczarek

Science-Based Medicine continually informs about the scientific  knowledge and  controls  required to provide successful medical protocols.  The need for a joint effort  with major scientific  societies  is crucial.  Neither the the American Physical Society  nor the American Chemical Society   have  lent their expertise  communicating ‘science for the general public’ to dispel  claims for   homeopathy and  ‘energy  healing’  obvious violations of the laws of science.  The founding of  Society for Science Based Medicine came as I was reviewing  my failed four year  effort to have the American Physical Society, APS, recognize this  healing  protocol as a medical misconception.Some background:learning that healing claims for an undefined  field  emitted by certain human practitioners, was being taught in nursing schools  medical schools, used as a source of revenue by hospitals, and had  been funded by NIH’ s NCCAM,  I with Derek Araujo  and Brian Engler, exposed the claim, practices  and NIH’s funding,  with articles in  the Skeptical Inquirer. The ‘healing’ protocol appears under several  pseudonyms: Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Jorei, and Qigong.  NCCAM  grants for these protocols total  about  11 million dollars.  A popular Reiki center close to my home  is located at the Winchester Medical Center,  Winchester Virginia.

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Science-Based Medicine Delivers


Then another brief flurry of hope with double drug therapy that was followed by an almost tangible sense of depression and sadness in those who took care of HIV patients. No matter what we did the virus mutated and the disease progressed.

Then there was triple drug therapy and I remember thinking, well, this may add a couple months but the virus will mutate again, and people will die.  Nope.



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