Chiropractic Irony

Chiropractic Irony

I have been around long enough to see ebb and flow in medicine.

A while back the message was we were letting too many people suffer from chronic pain and needed to be more liberal with pain medications.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Now the message is opiate addiction is the problem. Chronic pain is a difficult issue that medicine should manage better.

Chiropractors have been trying to position themselves as the providers best able to take care of chronic pain, especially back pain, without the use of medications, especially opiates.

It reminds me of Simon Singh's  aphorism that just because there is a problem with airplanes doesn't mean you should then rely upon flying carpets for transportation.

So it is with irony I note that in Wisconsin some chiropractors are asking the legislature to be allowed to prescribe narcotics and other painkillers.

The bill, supported by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association, is opposed by the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin as well as real doctors.

I note that the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin are also proponents of spinal subluxation which I do not find on the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association's website. So I suppose the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin are old school chiropractors.

The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin, true to the spirit of Chiropractic, is more interested in avoiding

...brand confusion for the public…Consumers know it's a "drugless profession..."

In my many pseudo-medical feeds, chiropractic is unique in its focus on practice building above all else. So it is no surprise I found no opposition based on on patient safely or the appropriateness of

primary spinal care practitioners…with… 500 hours of clinical training

being allowed to prescribe medications. 500 hours is two months or 5% of the clinical training of a family practitioner, assuming the mythical 8 hour work day.

It is mostly about ideologic purity: remembering that supplements are not drugs, chiropractic is a drug free profession.

Except when it isn't.

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Points of Interest 05/26/2016

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