Genital Acupuncture

Genital Acupuncture

That title will generate some hits.

I have noted in the past that while purported to be effective for virtually every process, acupuncture, and all pseudo-sciences, cannot be used for birth control. Acupuncture is alleged to help with conception (it doesn't), but not prevention.

I have never run across an explanation for this, although I suppose they would say that it is the purpose of acupuncture to return to the body to it's normal/natural state and what could be more natural than pregnancy. Barefoot and pregnant. It is a woman's natural state.

I have also noted that while most of the body has meridians and acupuncture points, there are three areas that do not have acupoints.

The eyes.

Under the nails.

And the genitals. 

There is one perineal point, CV 1:

In the center of the perineum, Males: in between the anus and the scrotum, Females: between the anus and the posterior labial commissure.

Ouch. I would NOT want a needle stuck there

It is ironic that the life producing organs lack the life energy that is qi. But I can see how you could provide very effective birth control if it were otherwise.

There is an explanation for why the genitals are acupoint free. It turns out that you do not have to directly insert needles as the appropriate acupoints are elsewhere, in the liver channel, which

runs up the inside of your leg wraps around the genitals and into the chest.

Or maybe the points on the hands and feet. Sources vary. But very convenient either way.

The use of the CV 1 point for acupuncture has actually been an area of contention in Australia, where Damian Carey, a candidate in the South Australian seat of Kingston, is an acupuncturist and naturopath, and thinks the CV 1 point should be used for the treatment of infertility.


the party will not be campaigning on a platform of promoting genital acupuncture. "This election will not be fought over the benefits – or otherwise – of acupuncture. It will be fought on issues involving government accountability, transparency in relation to jobs, manufacturing jobs in particular," he told SBS World News.

But if you judge a person by the company they keep, if you are as disconnected from critical thinking as Mr. Carey's website suggests, he may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen for other issues.

In the US we worry about candidate hand size, in Australia perineal acupuncture. Although the Australians use

a strict vetting process that even involved psychological testing.

They might want to rethink the process.  It is not working.

There is genital reflexology. Really. No joke. Like foot reflexology, various parts of the body are mapped to the genitals and by applying pressure alter other areas of the body. Do not read the link with liquid in your mouth unless you want beer coming out your nose.

So maybe those acupuncture clinics that were busted as a front for prostitution were actually supplying legitimate therapeutic intervention?


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