Points of Interest 04/28/2016

When Getting Arrested for Practicing Medicine without a License is a Good Thing.

How Has The Anti-Vaccine Movement Responded To Zika? They're Skeptical

This Map Of Vaccination Laws Proves Exactly Why We Need To Address The Problem Head-On

Opinion: Anti-vaxxers need to do their research. "It's the same rationale that says if you're building a bridge, you listen to engineers; if you're getting a wisdom tooth extracted, you go to a dentist; if you're having a WOF done, it's better to ask a mechanic than your neighbour Phil who once electrocuted himself by chewing on a car battery. Why do people think that a bit of googling and reading on the internet is an adequate replacement for years of professional study and research?"

We Need to Stop Treating Naturopaths Like They're Medical Doctors

Toddler's death "should bring a rethink to Canadian tolerance of medical neglect under the guise of tolerance for cultures where anti-science beliefs hold sway."

Tweet of the Week: "Why I Vax"

Junk Headlines on Junk Food: Media demonstrates (once again) it can't properly interpret studies

BMJ Open. 2016 Apr 26;6(4):e010606. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen–2015–010606. Conflicts of interest and spin in reviews of psychological therapies: a systematic review.

Genital Acupuncture
Points of Interest 04/27/2016

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