Points of Interest 03/26/2016

Patient blames estate of dead chiropractor for back problems. "…alleging the decedent failed to properly perform chiropractic treatment." There is a proper way to do pseudo-medicine?

Immune thrombocytopenia after bee venom therapy: a case report

Zhongguo Zhen Jiu. 2015 Dec;35(12):1275–9. Effect of electroacupuncture at different acupoints on hormones and neurotransmitters of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in rats under simulated weightlessness. They used " tail-suspension" aka rat abuse.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2016 Mar 25. Randomized sham-controlled pilot trial of weekly electro-acupuncture for the prevention of taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy in women with early stage breast cancer.. ". In a randomized, sham-controlled trial of EA for prevention of taxane-induced CIPN, there were no differences in pain or neuropathy between groups at week 12. Of concern, subjects on EA had a slower recovery than SEA subjects. Future studies should focus on EA for treatment as opposed to prevention of CIPN." Want to bet on what those studies will show?

Cureus. 2016 Feb 16;8(2):e498. doi: 10.7759/cureus.498. Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Chiropractic Care and Cervical Artery Dissection: No Evidence for Causation. "Our analysis shows a small association between chiropractic neck manipulation and cervical artery dissection." When titles and conclusions do not match.

Attitude Adjustment
American chiropractors should follow Chiropractic ...

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