Yes, I know the term is vulgar, but it is a great word. "A thoroughly despised or wretched person." It nicely sums up the opinion towards Big Pharma often held by fans of pseudo-medicine.

And it is not that Big Pharma doesn't often deserve the designation. They do. Big Pharma has been found to participate in all number of nefarious and questionable behaviors over the years. I am proud, or perhaps smug, of the fact that in 35 years I have accepted nothing, not even pizza at conference, from Big Pharma. Well, one thing. When the Unisyn rep left the hospital years ago, his parting gift to me was a Fleets Enema with a Unisyn sticker on it. I still have it on my desk.

Proponents of pseudo-medicine often have the false dichotomy that because Big Pharma can behave like rat-bastards, the purveyors of pseudo-medicines are pure as a German beer. Nope.

It would appear the pseudo-medical world pays close attention to their evil twins and copies their behavior. Well, less Big Pharma and more Big Tobacco.

First there were reports on high levels of toxins, real toxins like lead, mercury and arsenic, in Ayurvedic nostrums and Chinese herbs. I suppose they are manufactured in Flint  using Portland air.

Then herbal nostrums were found to be laced with real medications.

Then it was found that herbal remedies contained, well, nothing. No herbs in the herbal. One way to make the product inexpensively.

And now?

The truth THEY don't want you to know.

Cold-FX contains contains "...CVT-E002 a proprietary ChemBioPrint┬« (CBP) product rich in poly-furanosyl-pyranosyl-saccharides extracted from the root of Panax quinquefolius (North American ginseng 4:1)"

In 2004 the makers of Cold-FX, whose label says "helps reduce cold and fly by boosting the immune system", did an efficacy study and found it was no better than placebo. 

And they sat on the study, the existence of which was only revealed as part of a class-action lawsuit.

Hiding a negative study to protect the bottom lines. Soooooo Big Pharma.

Rat-bastards? They are everywhere, even, or I think especially, in the world of pseudo-medicine.

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