NewsWeak's Understanding of Tech & Science

NewsWeak's Understanding of Tech & Science

When I was a child there were three newsmagazines: Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report. I suppose Time is still a going concern, it has been a while since I was at the dentist, the only time I think I ever see the magazine. US News exists to rank schools, hospitals, and other organization. And Newsweek?  I was surprised to see they are still in business. But not pleasantly surprised.

Newsweek has the following in their "Tech and Science" section.


Tech and Science

The Healing Power of Reiki, which describes

Reiki (as) a Japanese form of spiritual medicine developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, employs the hands to transfer energy with perceived healing qualities into the bodies of the ailing.

Although what follows is an infomercial for nonsense rather than anything that resembles either tech or science. Of course, it is not that my opinion of reiki is pseudo-science has anything to do with my understanding of the natural world.

Given that the cynical are less likely to experience the full benefits of the healing energy at the center of the practice, perhaps it's best for those who doubt to stick with their prescriptions, or to ask their physician if there's any treatment that can help to remedy a closed mind.

Ohhhhh. Snap.  

But it gets worse: John of God, the Miracle Healer. Again, labeled as Tech and Science.

For a nice review of John of God, might I suggest an evaluation at SBM?

SBM Summary: A charlatan who has defrauded thousands.


With his staggeringly vast reach, the degree of John of God's exceptional nature becomes a resurfacing question. Even those who acknowledge that energy flows within all of us acknowledge that there hasn't been anyone on Earth quite like John of God in quite some time. "We all have the ability to heal on some level and can develop this," says Thackray. "But some are born with or receive a very special healing gift. John of God is rare indeed."

I suppose Newsweek has no ethics or sense of responsibility or concerns that a reader may be swayed by this article and actually spend their time, money, health and life on a visit to John of God. Oh, no, it is for those

looking to awaken their soul.

And John of God is (sort of) Dr. Oz approved.

This alleged tech and science is to pimp for a special edition of Newsweek on spiritual living, that includes angel numbers, tarot cards, psychic awakenings and more. Part of the series of special editions  that includes the science of BigFoot.

Whether these are considered tech and science as well I cannot tell. But if you judge a publication by the company they keep, I think I can safely give Newsweak a pass.

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