Acupuncture Awareness Week or Infection Ignorance Week

Acupuncture Awareness Week or Infection Ignorance Week

It is Acupuncture Awareness Week in England and the British Acupuncture Council is pushing for the use of acupuncture for pain.

They use as their spokesperson gold medal winner Olympian Rebecca Adlington who has chronic shoulder pain. There is a video showing Ms. Adlington receiving acupuncture. I would presume that the British Acupuncture Council would only present their best in a video, in this case Andrew Jackson.

He uses traditional acupuncture and techniques for diagnosis that have been developed over thousands of years to restore the balance of energy back to its normal healthy levels.

You know, the usual twaddle. 

He notes that the needles are sterile. And then? He completely subverts the sterility of the needle.

He uses his ungloved left hand to feel the spot to place the needle with evidently no skin cleaning.  Watching the technique with the eye of the head of Infection Control it gives me the heebie jeebies.

I hope he at least alcohol foamed his hands (I would wager not) and that he doesn't have MRSA or Hepatitis B. If you ever want to be entertained (or grossed out) make a point of watching where people put their hands. And that is in public. I suspect that, unobserved in an elevator or restroom, it is even more disgusting.

It is difficult to cause infections with the minor trauma of acupuncture needles. Although if you put 'acupuncture AND infection' into PubMed you get 584 hits, most relating to acupuncture as the proximate reason for the infection.   No wonder as to why, given the absolutely horrible infection control that is the norm for acupuncture. 

But what would you expect. If you believe in the rubbish of restoring the balance of energy, why worry about transmission of germs?

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