Science-Based Medicine Delivers

Science-Based Medicine Delivers


Then another brief flurry of hope with double drug therapy that was followed by an almost tangible sense of depression and sadness in those who took care of HIV patients. No matter what we did the virus mutated and the disease progressed.

Then there was triple drug therapy and I remember thinking, well, this may add a couple months but the virus will mutate again, and people will die.  Nope.

The use of three anti-retroviral drugs turned out to work.  It is remarkable how we have gone from hospitals filled with the ill and dying of HIV to HIV being an unusual cause of admission.  Many of our residents will never see an HIV opportunistic infection during their training. I have only seen two deaths this century from HIV.

Our understanding of HIV and AIDS has paralleled the increased survival.  From an unknown cause to HTLV-3 to HIV with an understanding at the molecular level of all aspects of HIV pathophysiology and treatment.  It has been due to staggering amount of work as the 263,925 references on PubMed attest.  It has been a remarkable achievement, brought home by a recent abstract that suggests

"A 20-year-old HIV-positive individual on ART in the U.S. or Canada is expected to live into their early 70s, a life expectancy approaching that of the general population."

Not a single hour of life expectancy has been gained by HIV patients due to any of the pseudo-medicines covered by this site. All due to the application of Science-Based Medicine.  It delivers.


Increases in life expectancy among treated HIV-positive individuals in the United States and Canada, 2000-2007
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