Homeopathic Urine

Homeopathic Urine

My home town has been accused of believing in homeopathy.

A teenager urinated in a 38 million gallon reservoir and the city decided to dump the water as a result.

One cups of urine in 38 million gallons of water would be a homeopathic, with the urine being 3 parts per billion. My main worry would be if the kid had recently taken a homeopathic remedy, like a sleeping pill. The subsequent dilution would increase the power of the nostrum to the point it could put the whole city to sleep. The chance that any real disease or noxious chemical could be spread by the water is zero.

It is, from a chemical and infectious viewpoint, silly to get rid of the water, since birds routinely swim, crap and die in the water as well.
As one paper said,

What is stupid is the City of Portland dumping all that water.

They must believe in homeopathy and seriously worried that with that much dilution the whizz has turned into battery acid and they are pumping into the homes of residents.

But the decision to dump the water has little to do with the rational approach to chemistry. Given the amount of water on the planet, all the water we drink has been anothers urine, including Caesar’s:

It occurs to me that some folks might find the prospect of drinking Caesar’s urine to be disturbing. In that case, you probably shouldn’t dwell to long upon the fact that you are also drinking the urine of Caesar’s horse, his dog, and of the beggar who was lying on the street in front of Caesar’s house.

It probably more to do with the knowledge that if it were known that there was urine in the drinking water there would be hysterical illnesses, hundreds of complaints, and probably lawsuits. The hassle and cost of getting rid the water is much less than serving it up to people who are going to freak out.

While not the sweater of a mass murderer, people have a tendency to avoid human waste products. There can be a disconnect between the rational and irrational approach to the world and I suspect urine in drinking water is likely to be one of those situations where the rational brain shuts down.

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