Points of Interest 01/13/2016

Acute Pharyngeal Hemorrhage as a Fatal Complication Arising from Acupotomy with Needle-knife: A Case Report.

Victor Dominocielo: The Doctors' Apology

Florida Whooping Cough Outbreak Fuels Anti-Vaxxers. A rash of whooping cough among Florida preschoolers gives new rhetoric to the anti-vaccine movement.

Two-Week-Old Baby Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment (VIDEO)

Effect of acustimulation on nausea and vomiting and on hyperemesis in pregnancy: a systematic review of Western and Chinese literature. "Although there is some evidence for an effect of acustimulation on nausea and vomiting or hyperemesis in pregnancy, results are not conclusive. Future clinical trials with a rigorous design and large sample sizes should be conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of these interventions for NVP and HG."

Points 01/17/2016
The Mind Boggles

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