Points of Interest 11/25/2105

Alternative therapies common among kids, study finds

Proposed legislation integrates chiropractic physicians into public health service. "A newly proposed bill, H.R. 2851, in the U.S. House of Representatives calls for more incorporation of doctors of chiropractic into the United States official delivery and research networks, according to a press release."

Homeopathetic: Failed health outcomes coupled with liesHomeopathic medicine doesn't work. Often, it seriously harms the people who rely on it.

Illegally Sold Diabetes Treatments. "FDA issued letters warning 15 domestic and foreign companies that the sale of their products to treat diabetes and its complications violates federal law. The products, sold online and in retail stores, include dietary supplements, over-the-counter drugs, ayurvedics, and prescription drugs sold without a prescription."

Points of Interest 11/27/2015
Bending Science: This Will Not End Well

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