Children and Mice Do Not Have a Chance

Children and Mice Do Not Have a Chance

There are 385 hits searching the PubMed for 'acupuncture mice'. Assume 40 mice per study and I would wager that is a marked underestimate that does not include all the mice used in establishing models and failed studies.

I am not a PETA person but that is 15,400 mice essentially being abused trying to prove TCPM (Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine) is effective.

Guidelines for ethical animal research state

…there should be a reasonable expectation that the research will:

…Provide results that benefit the health or welfare of humans or other animals. 

...The scientific purpose of the research should be of sufficient potential significance to justify the use of nonhuman animals.

Given that in humans acupuncture is a theatrical placebo based on concepts divorced from reality, I would say that any acupuncture research in animals is unethical.

The animal welfare committees do not seem to be doing their job at numerous facilities.

But then, why would you expect ethical treatment of animals when we can't even protect our own newborns from jaw dropingly studies?

Take Laser acupuncture before heel lancing for pain management in healthy term newborns: a randomised controlled trial.


From the Baskent University in Turkey.

Academic physicians actually thinking that

Acupuncture is a new non-pharmacological method for preventing pain in newborns

But not just acpuncture, laser acupuncture.

A laser

was applied to the Yintang point using a Laser PREMIO–30 unit for 30 s

The Yintang point is

Midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows


They actually thought that shooting a child between the eyes with a low level laser (at least the laser does have wobulation) would help decrease the pain from a needle stick. 

Surprise. Low level lasers and acupuncture, two interventions totally divorced from reality was judged

less effective than oral sucrose for reducing the discomfort of this procedure.

Who would have thought? I mean besides anyone with even the barest understanding of medicine ? Certainly not those whose responsibility it was to review the research.

This nonsense was approved by an Institutional Review Board whose ostensible task is to look out for the well being of research subjects.  I suppose IRB should now stand for Ineffective Review Board? Incompetent Review Board? Inadequate Review Board?

Mice and children. They don't have a chance of being protected from the investigation of magical pseudo-medicine. 

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