Points of Interest 10/06/2015

Supreme Court won't hear anti-vaccine case

How a Vaccine Is Like a Banana—and Why That's Good. "The anti-vax crowd is forever daring people to read the fine print on vaccine packages. OK, let's do that"

Dr. Oz Is Telling New York City Cops How To Stay Healthy And They Don't Like It

Chiropractic Care Grows, and Gains Acceptance.  Headline-Content disconnect:  "To my surprise, and temporarily stunned acquiescence, what I'd imagined would be a brief encounter resulting in a soothed tailbone for $125 (the fee quoted by the receptionist) turned into a three-hour "wellness" exam, with more than $300 in extra charges…Long before he looked at my spine, the chiropractor inspected the rest of me with various instruments, alerting me — by dictating loudly to his assistant, who scribbled on a pad — that I was suffering, among other things, from a potential Candida infection in my mouth, a slight tremor and muscle wasting in my hand, possible Lyme disease, bone-density loss, mismatched leg lengths, a worrisome "brown spot" on my right eye and an asymmetrical smile…. This may explain why I worriedly ended up agreeing to a supposedly essential set of X-rays for $165, although I managed to decline the offer of proprietary vitamins for sale at the front desk. Only in the last 15 minutes of the appointment did the chiropractor manipulate my tailbone — for less than five minutes — after which his assistant deployed what she told me was ultrasound therapy, for an extra $70 that was disclosed only when I was handed the bill."

External Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Venous Ulcers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Same as it ever was: "The evidence that EA-TCM is an effective treatment for venous ulcers is encouraging, but not conclusive due to the low methodological quality of the RCTs. Therefore, more high-quality RCTs with larger sample sizes are required."

Lawsuit Over
Fritter and Waste: ND Practice

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