Points of Interest 08/27/2015

Why alternative medicine should be integrated into conventional health care. I always like to quote me: Integrating cow pie into apple pie does not make the cow pie better, it makes the apple pie worse.

Offering homeopathy waters down University of Toronto's reputation, critics claim

Study reveals that a lot of psychology research really is just 'psycho-babble'

Keep Vaccinated Kids Out Of Haredi Schools, Haredi Rabbi Says

Tea Party supporters distrust scientists not only on climate, but on vaccines — study

J Man Manip Ther. 2015 Jul;2d3(3):154–161 Safety of thrust joint manipulation in the thoracic spine: a systematic review.. "Ten cases, reported in 7 case reports, were reviewed. Cases involved females (8) more than males (2), with mean age being 43.5 years (SD=18.73, Range = 17 –71). The most frequent AE reported was injury (mechanical or vascular) to the spinal cord (7/10), with pneumothorax and hematothorax (2/10) and CSF leak secondary to dural sleeve injury (1/10)." Impressive trauma for a intervention that does nothing.

J Man Manip Ther. 2015 Feb;23(1):43–50. Immediate effects of upper thoracic spine manipulation on hypertensive individuals.. "… cardiovascular physiology, short-term, is not affected by upper thoracic spine SMT in hypertensive individuals to a clinically relevant level.g"

The Peoples Anecdotes
Isn't it ironic?

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