Points of Interest 08/25/2015

Therese Kerr thinks hand sanitiser contributes to obesity and fluoride causes autism. "Next up, and here's the real doozy: hand sanitisers contain "obesogens" that will make you fat.

Welcome To Australia, Huffington Post! Please Leave That Pseudoscience Nonsense At The Door "…greatest concern to me is the Huffington Post's uncritical promotion of pseudoscience and quackery."

Narrative medicine examines charts and hearts. "… narrative medicine, a vein of healing that emphasizes treating patients as humans, with individual stories and conditions – not as a collection of symptoms." To think I have always just called it medicine.

The Truth behind Three Natural Cancer "Cures" from the Sloan Kettering. Yet they still offer reiki, reflexology, qi gong acupuncture and other nonsense. Given what they charge I can see why.

Isn't it ironic?
Counterfeit vrs Fake Medicines

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