Points of Interest 08/24/2015

Setting Up A Profesional And Comprehensive Chinese Medical System Necessary - Mah. "There is a need to set up a professional and comprehensive Chinese medical system in the country to prevent bogus medicine."

Dr Ciara Kelly: Alternative treatments for autism are a form of abuse

Mitch Clarke Pulled From UFC Saskatoon Due To Acupuncture. "While receiving an acupuncture treatment, the needle broke off from the handle while in his arm," noted Deibert. "Making things exponentially worse, the muscle in his forearm was contracting at that exact moment. With no handle to hold on to, the needle was sucked deep into his forearm muscle. Clarke had to undergo surgery to have the needle removed."

Muslims Thought They Were Drinking Camel Urine, But He Sold Something Else. "Authorities booked a man, identified only as Khurshid, for selling bottles filled with what he claimed to be camel urine, but they really contained his own."

Counterfeit vrs Fake Medicines
Registered Dietitians get continuing education cre...

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