Points in Interest 08/20/2015

Systematic review of acupuncture to control hot flashes in cancer patients. Can you predict the conclusion? Same as it ever was. "In conclusion, the current level of evidence is insufficient to either support or refute the benefits of acupuncture for the management of HFs in cancer patients. Future studies should provide within-group and between-group ES estimates in addition to P values."

Moxibustion for the treatment of pressure ulcers: study protocol for a pilot, multicentre, randomised controlled trial. "This trial has undergone ethical scrutiny and been approved by the ethics review boards of First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine and Second Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine." Total BS is considered ethical in China

Acupuncture Meridian of Traditional Chinese Medical Science: An Auxiliary Respiratory System. "The acupuncture meridian system (AMS) is the key concept of Traditional Chinese Medical Science (TCMS). It is a natural network formed by the tissue space that connects human viscera and skin. In this article, a new hypothesis that the AMS is an auxiliary respiratory system is presented. The AMS collects the CO2 that is produced by tissue supersession and that cannot be excreted via blood circulation, and discharges the CO2 through the body's pores, thus preventing a pressure increase in the internal environment." Such rank nonsense is actually published.

Here's How the Anti-Vaxxers' Strongest Argument Falls Apart

Case study: instrument adjusting for concussions. "The patient received adjustments using an Activator instrument. She received chiropractic care for a total of fifteen weeks, with noticeable relief after her first adjustments. After initial patient analysis, the chiropractor found subluxations at bilateral occiput, C1-R, C5-P, T6-L, and right P-I ilium. Treatment included the use of the Activator adjusting instrument, the patient in prone position, and 12 separate lines of correction. The most lines of correction were needed for T6-L and for the right P-I ilium…Her chiropractor recommended monthly screenings for subluxation as preventative care." Of course he did.

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