It is amazing how little it takes to start an alternative medical therapy. I suppose I should put therapy in quotes, but what is really needed is html mark-up for <sarcasm>. It is sorely needed for what is to follow.

Iridology was discovered by noticing a glitch in the eye of an owl with a broken wing. Ear acupuncture had its origins in the relationship between a burned ear and improvement of back pain. And chiropractic would not exist without the resolution of deafness by cracking a back.


And now there is Celtic Transformational Healing. I lack the interest to spend $100 to get the total skinny, but here is what can be gleaned from the web.

Similar to Reiki discussed above is ‘Celtic Transformational Healing‘; a system that I developed in 2006 based on the Cauldron of Posey by Amergin the Bard.

So a healing system is based on a 7th century poem. Why not? It is no worse than being bitten by a radioactive spider. It was the brainchild of Rev. Alfred Willowhawk of the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks.

All the websites offer the same details as to what the system entails:

I just cannot get past how crowded the body is. I thought the meridians and connections for all the forms of acupuncture and iridology etc were bad enough, now I have three cauldrons to balance as well. No wonder my BMI is higher than it should be.

So many energies to balance and new ones being found every year. Actually, the only attunement anyone needs is to reverse the polarity. That will achieve personal, spiritual, and wellness goals.

The system would never work for me. I loved the Chronicles of Prydain as a child and I know that cauldrons are used to create armies of the undead, not balance energy.