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One of the issues I have with writing for the Science-Based Medicine Blog is repetition.  If I have covered a topic in the past I feel I should not have to write about it again. But I have realized that while everything is available on the internet, it can be difficult to find and impossible to remember. People coming upon this blog for the first time will have no idea what preceded it and it is unlikely they will go back to read the old entries.  So repetition will be good. The assumption will be that each entry is an island, unique onto itself.  The issue will not be how many times can we demonstrate that, for example, homeopathy is uber-goofy, but how we can do so in a unique and memorable manner.  I have given myself a challenge.  Wish us luck.

I have worked at the same position for 23 plus years and there is only one other doc who has practiced as long in my hospital.  I have an institutional memory and remember the old days, when there were no CT scans, cephalosporins had two generations, and there was no electronic medical records.  I anticipate the Society will be a repository of Science-Based Medicine memory.  Every generation will have to renew the battle against pseudo-medicine, but hopefully the Society will be a scaffold upon which they can build.

The blog will be mostly about medicine and pseudo-medicine: how the former, despite the flaws inherent in every human endeavor, delivers and how the later, because of the flaws inherent in every human endeavor, does not.

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