Losing Because of Pseudo-Medicine?

Losing Because of Pseudo-Medicine?

Two weeks of travel and vacation, mostly ignoring the blog. Who wants to write when you could be eating deep dish in Chicago or golfing in Bend? Not me. There are actually a few things more enjoyable than blogging. Abusing animals is not on that list.

I feel sorry for animals. At least adult humans can choose to participate in pseudo-medicines. Animals have it inflicted on them and they have no ability to escape.

I remember one thing from college psychology: learned helplessness. If you put a dog in a box and shock it and give it no escape, the animal gives up and gets depressed. When I see pictures of dogs getting acupuncture I am reminded of learned helplessness. The poor animals look so sad. Or maybe I am just projecting, but these dogs do not look happy.

All animals have pseudo-medicines inflicted on them. Pseudomedical therapies for pets are growing in popularity, or at least that is what the headlines would have us believe. One would think that after 30 years of continued growing popularity of human pseudo-medicines it would be the only activity in the US by now, all others supplanted by the unstoppable growth, a CAM Event Horizon. It hasn't happen yet however.

Horses were getting  a variety of pseudo-medicines in anticipation of the The Stuart Horse Trials. The horse Time to Tango received acupuncture, laser therapy, and chiropractic. Poor beasts. Were the interventions effective?

"I always talk about having a love-hate relationship with acupuncture because when it works, it's fantastic. When it doesn't, obviously it doesn't. And it's hard to know what animals are going to respond,"

Time to Tango came in 15th out of 17.

Guess the animal didn't respond. Another triumph of alternative medicine.

Maybe the horse did so poorly as it was stressed out by all the nonsense inflicted upon it. It would be nice to see a follow up article crediting the pseudo-medicines for the poor showing.

Like that would ever happen.

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