Points of Interest 06/15/2015

Should I go to naturopathic school? and The Morality of Practicing Medicine. More must reads from the Naturopathic Diaries.

Surgical treatment of cervical disc protrusion causing intracranial hypotension following chiropractic manipulation. We describe a woman with intracranial hypotension provoked by a combination of calcified disc protrusion and chiropractic manipulation who required surgical intervention for definitive treatment. Intracranial hypotension is a rare but increasingly well recognized cause of orthostatic headache that arises due to spinal cerebrospinal fluid leakage from meningeal diverticula or dural perforations.

Not-a-doctor Clement in Ireland pushing treatment that cures “every known disease”

The science behind the HVLA thrust. How to tear a vertebral artery. And it is me, or do all chiropractic examples have old men working on young, pretty girls.

Lawsuit: Man hurt by leftover acupuncture needle seeks $3M. A Portland man has filed a lawsuit seeking more than $3 million from an acupuncturist he says left two needles in his skin, including one that later broke off and became embedded in his groin.

Myths used to justify food intolerance blood tests (IgG tests).

Child died from complication from ear infection; parents face criminal charges. An 18 month old child is dead because the parents did not get her medical attention, instead treating her with homeopathy and herbal meds.

It is the little things
FDA finds raw pet food distasteful

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