Points of Interest 06/05/2015

Anti-vaxxer’s 6-year-old child in intensive care with first case of diphtheria in Spain since 1986

Parents of diphtheria-stricken boy feel “tricked” by anti-vaccination groups

“Homeopathy Helps Autistic Cat” Claims Dr. Marcie Fallek

Labour, Prince Charles and homeopathic quacks: Andy Burnham has some explaining to do. “Homeopathy has two things in its favour: the enthusiastic support of our future head of state, and the illusory nature of its benefits.”

Chiropractic Care For The Smallest Of Patients. “Just by holding a very light contact there and now one more right in here, just really light, barely the weight of my finger on a key area there to help the brain and spine to realign.”

Take Care of Your Liver. “So when the electrical status of the liver becomes abnormal, people will often have symptoms such as migraine or insomnia, and this is something you can’t see on a liver function blood test or an ultrasound of the liver.”

Faith healer claims to raise man from dead, that is, seizure

Chiropractors down 1-9 in bottom of the ninth
Points of Interest 06/04/2015

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