Deluded Emergency Room

Deluded Emergency Room

I spend virtually all my professional life in acute care. 95% of my time is occupied taking care of people with acute diseases, almost always admitted through the emergency room. I have a respect for acute medical problems, from infections to trauma to heart attacks. People can go south with amazing rapidity from what sometimes appear to be a relatively minor illness. My years of medicine have also impressed upon me how often patients do not read the textbooks so they present with the classic signs and symptoms of disease. It makes medicine difficult and demanding, a constant theme at my other blog.

In contrast to the average pseudo-medical provider, and I am impressed with the inability of the body to heal itself. When I read Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln I was struck at how often people sickened and died from illness that are easily treated today. People used to drop like flies from what are trivial or rare diseases for modern medicine.

I am even more impressed with those who think water could help acute illness and have opened an emergency room. In Sweden they evidently have a Homeopathic ER. A real homeopathic emergency room, not the satiric version, although I except would be hard pressed to tell the difference if there were no laugh track.


Not only are homeopaths under-trained and under-experienced to diagnsose and treat medical problems, they have anti-training and anti-experience. Their training, bereft as it is from contact with the reality of the physiology and pathophysiology of health and disease, makes their interventions a classic example of the Pauli Principle :

"Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!" (It is not only not right, it is not even wrong.).

I would be hesitant to entrust an acute illness to a field that could produce this as a reasonable statement:

In addition, homeopathic remedies can also be made making use of non-material sources, for instance, electricity, musical frequencies, magnetic fields and even moonlight. In fact, the possibilities are infinite.

And what will they treat in this ER?

Swedish Radio (SR) published a credulous interview steeped in false balance with some of the partners involved in the homeopathic ER. Wilhelmsson claims that they will focus on acute conditions, such as “throat infections, eye infections, sinus infections, cough and pneumonia”.  She claims that they will not treat life-threatening conditions.

Given that I have seen deaths and near deaths from most of the above does give me pause. I imagine someone wandering into the homeopathic ER with one of those illnesses, get water for a strep throat or an early pneumonia and become an example of what the clinical course of infections were in the 1860's: progression and death.

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