Merging More Cow Pie with Apple Pie

Merging More Cow Pie with Apple Pie

They keep trying to merge cow pie with apple pie. To paraphrase me, it will not make the cow pie better, it will only make the apple pie worse.

First attempt was in 2001. Canada’s York University rejected a merger proposal with Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. However during the 6 years of deliberation on the merger


neither York’s administration nor its Senate expressed the slightest reservation that the pseudoscientific and antiscientific attitudes harbored by contemporary chiropractic and evident in CMCC’s curriculum would be legitimized by an affiliation, compromising York’s academic integrity.

In 2005, Florida State University College of Medicine considered a Chiropractic School, although that too died. For now.

The Florida debacle did generate a humorous campus map that evidently served as the blueprint for the Cleveland Clinic's Integrative Medicine Program.

Now a school grounded in reality, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is joining forces with New England School of Acupuncture. Why? Why combine pseudo-scientific nonsense with reality based programs? Why merge cow pie with apple pie?

“NESA would continue to fulfill and extend its mission of integrating acupuncture and oriental medicine with western allopathic therapies, bringing acupuncture into the mainstream of modern medicine.”

Just what western allopathic therapies needs, more theatrical placebo. 

It looks like MCPHS is primed to merge cow and apple pie with their school as they already have a Premed Pathway: Chiropractic Medicine (BS/DC D’Youville). How getting a DC is in any way premed eludes me, but at least they recognize that to have a DC is BS. I guess MCPHS also do not the slightest reservation about the pseudoscientific and antiscientific attitudes harbored by contemporary chiropractic practice or acupuncture either.

I suppose next MCPHS will offer a merger with a homeopathic or naturopathic school. It seems the next step as more and more cow pie is merged into medicine.

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