Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine

Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine

The Society is starting it's first outreach, Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine.

The purpose of this site is to track the legislative, insurance and health care infiltration of what we will refer to as pseudo-medicines, but are more commonly referred to as integrative, complementary or alternative medicine.

Pseudo-medicines represent a spectrum of interventions and belief systems.  They include diet and exercise on one end, which is grounded in science, to therapies that, at their core, are not based in reality such as acupuncture, chiropractic and many of the treatments offered by naturopathy.  It also includes many of the beleifs that drive the anti-vaccination movement.


 It is a curiosity.  Astrologers are not included in Astronomy departments, alchemists are not included in Chemistry departments and young-earthers are not included in Geology departments.  Yet the equally fantastical  reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc and part of many major medical institutions.  In January of 2014 I, along with others concerned with the growth of pseudo-medicines in the US started the Society for Science-Based Medicine. Its purpose is to be a central clearing house of education and information about Science-Based Medicine.   

However, SfSBM is a passive site.  People have to come to us for information and information is not sufficient to foster change or counter the spread of pseudo-medicine.

About a month ago I was asked by the local PBS station in Portland if I would be interested in going on air to talk about the Naturopathy and the Oregon Legislature.

I said sure, but I did not know much about the bills before the Oregon Legislature.  

We had a preinterview and the next day they said thanks, but no thanks.  I think I was too ranty, but I also realized I had no idea what was occurring in the legislature as it relates to pseudo-medicine.  Naturopaths gained prescriptive privileges in Oregon and I only found out after fact.  I had no clue what was going on in my own back yard. I realized that much of the spread of pseudo-medicine, legislatively and functionally, is at the local level.  As Tip O'Neil said, all politics is local.

In a busy life important information can be missed unless you make an effort to find it.  That needed to change.

So the Society for Science-Based Medicine decided to do outreach.

Our first attempt is this website, Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine.

We are starting late in the 2015 legislative session, but better late than never. There are important bills in the legislature concerning vaccination exemptions, naturopathy and Lyme disease. Explore the site.  See what we have to offer.  Get involved.  Write your representative. 

I am an Oregonian. So while SfSBM is a partner in this undertaking, Oregonians for Science-Based Medicine is by an Oregonian, for Oregonians. 

Because Oregonians deserve Science-Based Health Care.

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