Weasel Words

Weasel Words

There was an article in the Mountain Xpress out of Asheville North Carolina entitled Stone medicine offers the healing power of the earth

It is about using stones. For healing. Not, I suspect, the stoned thinking suggested by Andrew Weil.

No. It is using stones, rocks, externally and internally for healing. Because

Stones show you your essence and get you in touch with your own preciousness.

So tape stones to the outside or take rocks orally, using

stone elixirs as energetic medicines, similar to that of a flower essence – only you are working with the essence of a stone rather than the essence of a flower. “Stones are stable, deep, dense, and are made up of a very highly ordered atomic structure.”


It is strong stuff:

They (the stones) are equally powerful or more powerful than needles. A lot more chi is in a stone than a needle that is produced in a factory.

There are workshops and you can get a Stonalist Certification from the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism.

It was noted in a letter to the editor that stone medicine is nonsense, complete and total, divorced from all realty.

Practices like stone healing should be seen for what they are: ancient practices of magic that have long been dismissed as having any therapeutic value.

The response to the editors? Weasel words:

Xpress attempts to be balanced in covering both mainstream and alternative therapies. As journalists, our job is to inform readers about what healing modalities are being practiced locally, not to evaluate them. Since we are not scientists, we are not in a position to judge the scientific merit of healing modalities. And some healing modalities with anecdotal support that have not yet been scientifically studied may warrant sharing with readers.

Balance. I assume they will include an astrologer to balance an astronomer, an alchemist to balance a chemist and the time-cube creator to balance a physicist.

On the other hand they just might. The XPress does have best astrologers, acupuncturist, chiropractor, herbal healer and alternative healing center in the same category, health-wellness, as best cemetery and mortuary/funeral service. Perhaps, despite their lack of understanding of reality, they are still on to something

It is important to remember if you are a newspaper editor: reality needs to balanced by fantasy and, if you lack the ability to use Google (I suppose they have an impenetrable firewall), to declare you are not a scientist or science literate, or even able to do rudimentary research, and pass the buck.

But Asheville is the coolest town in the US even if their newspaper lacks credibility.

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