Combinations for the Worse

Combinations for the Worse

I have discussed the small but real risk of chiropractic manipulation. Rare, thankfully, but occasionally manipulation of the neck can lead to stroke.

Not that chiropractors will admit any risk to their pseudo-medicine. As is often the case with alternative providers, they see disease progression or symptoms from their intervention as proof that their therapy is working and so ignore it as a side effect

If the patient discontinues care after only two or three adjustments because it ‘only made them feel worse,’ they haven’t allowed the body to adapt to the changes that are occurring in the body. Most of the time, a patient beginning care in their adult life have had years and years of accumulated spinal misalignments. The first few adjustments may cause discomfort due to the changes that are happening, even though they are positive changes.


and even though

33–60% of patients experience milder short-term adverse effects such as increased pain, radiation of pain, headaches, vertigo and even loss of consciousness.

Not content with complications from one pseudo-medicine, some chiropractors are branching out into other pseudo-medicines: Lawsuit: Unlicensed acupuncturist caused lung collapse but with the same tried and true denial:

The doctor began to put the fine needles in and along her neck, back and chest. He is accused of then piercing through her chest wall and into the tissue surrounding her lung, the lawsuit claims.

Del Fierro immediately told him she was experiencing pain in her chest and left arm and was having shortness of breath, but he waved off the complaints as common side affects.

While he was a DC untrained in acupuncture (as if that makes any difference) there is also the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture. Really.

Chiropractic acupuncture is the art, science and philosophy of treating disease and injury by stimulating specific energy modulating points on the skin and is an approved specialty within the chiropractic profession. Methods of stimulation include, but are not limited to: needle insertion, electrical stimulation, light, heat and pressure.

A Google of 'Chiropractic' and 'Acupuncture' yields 1,200,00 hits, although I cannot determine how many are chiropractors doing acupuncture or only in practice with an acupuncturist.

Acupuncture must be good for the chiropractic bottom line since

“When a doctor of chiropractic takes the course in acupuncture and is authorized to practice, his practice will quadruple,” says Richard Yennie, DC, DABCA. “One reason is the word acupuncture has already been well-pounded into the American consciousness.”

Twice the risks without doubling the benefit.

At this rate Chiropracters will rival the naturopaths in the breadth of their misunderstanding of medicine:

Dr. Annis explains that if a patient comes to him with a knee problem, he could treat the knee by putting needles into painful areas in the knee and that would increase circulation and decrease pain, or he could treat the opposite elbow for the same knee problem and influence the way the brain perceives the pain signal from that knee.

I have said before that any two pseudo-medical modalities can be combined to come with a third. I have yet to find a counter example.

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