Day One. The First Blog Entry

Day One.  The First Blog Entry

It occurred  to me that most of the efforts concerning Science-Based Medicine (SBM) have been accomplished by individuals.  When these individuals die their work often dies with them.  Organizations can be resilient and continue long after their original membership is gone.  Organizations can keep the past alive so that each generation does not have to reinvent the efforts of those who proceeded them.  I want all the work and effort of SBM to live. Forever.

I also think the issues around SBM are more important than the limited attention provided by other organizations, both medical and skeptical. While medical and skeptical organizations are concerned  with issues surrounding SBM and the ever expanding influence of Integrative, Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (iSCAM), it is usually peripheral to their main mission.

In medicine there are often organizations devoted to specialized areas of interest and they add to, not detract, from more broad-based organizations.  There are, for example, organizations devoted to Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases (a subset of Internal Medicine) and fungi or endocarditis (both subsets of Infectious Diseases).  All these organizations enhance the understanding and participation in medicine and allow for those with specialty interests to participate and those areas of interest.  Similarly we hope this organization enhances the both the medical and skeptical communities.

Of course there are problems with organizations.  They require compromises and a willingness to give up autonomy, characteristics often lacking in health care workers and critical thinkers, who are an ornery bunch to organize.

But, as my college roommate used to say, nothing ventured, nothing lost.

The site represents our vision of what we hope to become: immortal and influential.

Patience with us at the beginning and keep the long view in mind. 

Some day we are going to be a contender.

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