There was no study

There was no study

This meme popped up in all my feeds today, variations on Could sending texts KILL you? Messaging may cause heart disease and breathing problems in later life, study claims.

Many of the articles start with variations of texting and using mobile devices for long periods of time could lead to a lower life expectancy, according to a new study. 

A study? A clinical trial? A epidemiologic investigation? A case series? Even a case report? Nope. Just chiropractors making stuff up. 

First, the reality. Kyphosis is curvature of the spine. It is well known that kyphosis leads to restrictive lung disease and the more the kyphosis, the more it interferes with lung function. Hyperkyphosis is bad and when severe, > 40 degrees, it interferes with breathing and increases death rates in elderly women.

Next, the fantasy. The United Chiropractic Association read the paper referenced above. They decided that people who are occasionally hunched over a tad while they text are have the same physiologic consequences as elderly women with constant severe kyphosis.

And that would be, well, nuts, but well within the understanding from a chiropractic education. And don't scratch your head. I once had a patient who slowly scratched away a section of scalp down to bone the size of sand dollar. Or pick your nose. I had a patient who was a compulsive nose picker and eventually made it to brain, with disastrous results. In for a penny, in for a pound.

This isn’t alarmist or scaremongering.

Yes it is. It surely is not a rational reality based approach to the risks of texting, which is, for me, walking into walls.

it’s what more and more research is telling us.

No it isn't. THERE WAS NO RESEARCH. Sorry. I yelled. There was no research. Just the wild and inappropriate extrapolations of chiropractors.

And their solution?

The UCA is urging people to have their posture checked by a registered chiropractor.

Nope. There is nothing a chiropractor can offer to help your posture. Even if they find the imaginary subluxation, as another chiropractor points out,

The problem is there is no way currently to predict how involved a subluxation is with a problem that you are experiencing.

I am not surprised that a chiropractic organization came up with a new way to drum up business. Of all the pseudo-medicines, chiropractic is the most focused on practice building over all else. Mindless parroting of pseudo-medical nonsense is apparently the norm for news agencies. This Society has its work cut out.

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