It's Good to be the King

It's Good to be the King

It’s good to be the king. Mel Brooks

One nice thing about a representative government is technically, technically mind you, we have the ability to throw the scoundrels out if they pass laws of which we disapprove.

Technically the NCCAM could be defunded by the Congress and the wasted money diverted to other programs. Not that it is going to happen in my lifetime.

The United Kingdom has it worse. Royalty cannot be voted out of office and evidently have the time, money and inclination to meddle in the affairs of medicine and magic.


Edzard Ernst was the first, and perhaps the last, chair in complementary medicine at the University of Exeter

Dr. Ernst, an MD and PhD, had extensive training in various pseudo-medicines and as been an intellectual powerhouse in examining pseudo-medicines, with 426 hits on PubMed. Unfortunately for pseudo-medicines, most have his analysis have found the interventions wanting.

And unfortunately, the future king of the UK

Prince Charles has continued to promote alternative medicine indefatigably, often showing himself unwilling or unable to distinguish between real health care and blatant quackery, between medicine and snake oil, or between the truth and some half-baked obsessions of his own.

It is good for Dr. Ernst that beheading is no longer de rigueur for crossing a monarch, but losing you job is.

Dr. Ernst released a book today, A Scientist in Wonderland: A Memoir of Searching for Truth and Finding Trouble,   that chronicles how he lost his job for crossing the king. I will await the Kindle version to read it.

The trouble started in 2005 when Prof Ernst publicly attacked a draft report by economist Christopher Smallwood that had been personally commissioned by Charles.

He described the report, which claimed complementary and alternative medicine (Cam) was cost effective and should be available on the NHS, as “complete misleading rubbish”.

What followed was a long investigation of a 'breach of confidence', found innocent, was told that

a formal disciplinary warning “would not be appropriate.” At the same time, he received a stern warning not to misbehave again.

lost funding, his staff and eventually retired early.

“Prince Charles’s attempt to silence me, it seemed, had been successful.”

They have not been able to find a suitable candidate to fill the Chair. What a surprise.

I suppose if Charles ever becomes king with his predilection for magical medicine, the UK will become the United Magic Kingdom.

It’s good to be the king. Unless he has an interest in alternative health care.

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