They Do Not Shrug Down Under

They Do Not Shrug Down Under

I get the sense that the Australians and New Zealanders have more spine than the rest of the world.

Take for example the kerfuffle over Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. An osteopath, Tenpenny is one of the more vocal anti-vactionationists in the US. She may have ten cents in her name, but no scientific sense in her approach to vaccines.  Sorry. I can't resist.


As her website says

she is most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the negative impact vaccines can have on health. Dr Tenpenny has invested more than 18,000 hours documenting the problems with vaccines.

18,000 hours would be 2280 eight hour work days or over 6 years taking no time off for vacation. That is more time than I spent in residency and fellowship if they were just 8 hour days. That is devotion to a cause. 

She was scheduled to do a speaking tour in Australia and had to cancel many of her appearances due to protests over her anti-vaccine message.

Melbourne’s Bay View Eden hotel have also cancelled a planned seminar due to a protest by doctors at the venue.

Doctors protesting an anti-vaccination talk? Amazing. I just can’t see that happening in the US.

As the NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, said

The best experts in the land agree that vaccination is the safest, most effective way to protect children against infectious diseases,” said Mrs Skinner. “There is nothing to fear from vaccination but much to fear from the devastating consequences of leaving children unprotected against potentially fatal diseases.

I went googling: I cannot find where the US Surgeon General, the American Medical Association, the Infectious Disease Society of America or a Pediatrics Society has taken an equivalent stand against the anti-vaccinationists. My google-fu may be off and such a policy statement exists, but as best I can tell during the last 15 years of growing anti-vaccination propaganda there has been no official response by the organizations that should be countering the mis-information.

In Australia, Tenpenny is recognized for what she is.

Australian press has labeled me a “public health menace.” Their country of 23M isn’t allowed to know the truth.

Australians recognize the truth and act accordingly. I wish the US would do the same. 


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