Unhindered by knowledge.

Unhindered by knowledge.

I have long been amazed at the permutations found in the world of pseudo-medicines. Take any two pseudo-medicines and they can be combined into some new form of pseudo-medicine. The oddest example is combining voodoo and acupuncture and getting Tong Ren. The real sciences can also be combined with a pseudo-science to give, say, dark energy homeopathy.  The time cube appears to be the only concept immune from this phenomena

I ran across Secret Lanthanides in my PubMed feed. Apparently the periodic table has properties that allow the chemicals to be used in the homeopathy. 


The periodic chart, known to anyone with even a meager education, arranges the elements by atomic weight. The one interesting part of the article is that there are alternative ways to arrange elements based on other properties and as a nerd I found the other periodic tables neat.

What are lanthanides? They are the fifteen metallic elements with atomic numbers 57 to 71, from lanthanum to lutetium.  They  are rare earth elements.

Why secret? Because they are

“hidden” between Barium and Hafnium

on the periodic table.

And it turns out these metals have special properties that make them useful in homeopathy, although I have to confess like much in the pseudo-medicine world, I can read the words but, like Oakland, there is no there.

Here goes.

Jan Scholten published the book Homeopathy and Minerals.

That will be the last sentence to make sense. Sorry.

In it he discovered that the elements had

a grammar and translated it from the language of chemistry to that of clinical medicine.

It turns out that each of the 7 series on the periodic chart of the elements has other characteristics:

The 7 series are named after what Scholten considers to be the most representative element of the series:

  • Hydrogen Series Theme: Being, Incarnation, Inception

  • Carbon Series Theme: Ego and Individuation

  • Silicium Series Theme: Family, Home, Friends, Relationships, Society

  • Ferrum Series Theme: Work, Task, Profession

  • Silver Series Theme: Creativity

  • Gold Series Theme: Power, Leadership

  • Uranium Series Theme: Weightlessness

Weighlessness? Any way.

Each of the 18 columns of the chart has with it a stage associated with it"

Stage 1: Begin

Stage 2: Place settle

Stage 3: Search

Stage 4: Establish

Stage 5: Prepare

Stage 6: Prove

Stage 7: Train, cooperate

Stage 8: Persevere

Stage 9: Fulfill, success

Stage 10: Supremacy, rule

Stage 11: Keep, preserve

Stage 12: Divide

Stage 13: Withdraw

Stage 14: Formal

Stage 15: Lose

Stage 16: Memory

Stage 17: End, abandon

Stage 18: Pause, rest before a new cycle

So that there is always an element associated with that stage.

Find the problems corresponding element, then a salt of that element, and you have the required remedy.

But what of the lanthanides you ask. They are a subset of the periodic table.

Yes. And very important because

The characteristics of Lanthanides and their corresponding clinical behavior show that "they are different": we could say they truly bring out the third dimension; therefore their life is not lived in the "plane". By investigating their profound nature, we will notice that they do not fit into the theme of power over others and leadership. Alternatively, at least, these Gold series themes follow quite the opposite direction in the case of lanthanides. The struggle for power over others, dominance over otherness, peculiar to the Gold series, is reversed by the lanthanides into the opposite direction: mastery of the self, not over others, self- independence and self-government expressed as autonomy. Lanthanide problematic is about acquiring, preserving and controlling the self. The Self is their battlefield, their aspiration horizon. To dominate or be dominated, to own or be owned is what they abhor the most.

This makes zero sense to me. When the author says "To dominate or be dominated, to own or be owned is what they abhor the most" he is referring to elements, not people. I keep thinking of Pokemon when I read the article. Weird, and this is from a journal indexed and freely available in PubMed.

Or perhaps it is just me. The Homeopathic thinker Dana Ulman states that

Although they look obscure and hardly important as remedies, their place is unique and cannot be missed. In 10 years time they will be standard in homeopathy.

I did find one concept that resonated with me and perhaps applies to the entire field of pseudo-medicine

An advantage of the study of the Lanthanides was that I wasn't hindered by previous knowledge.

Unhindered by knowledge. It should be the CAM motto.

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