In a prior entry I have mentioned my visual Googlewhack: I could find only one picture of gloves being used during acupuncture, and it was not being performed by an acupuncturist.

I have also discussed the recalcitrance to basic infection control that informs the practice of acupuncture. It gives me the willies to watch acupuncture videos.  It often looks as if they are trying to spread contagion with their technique. 

Up north in British Columbia an acupuncture clinic was closed because of poor

"infection prevention and control standards" and poses a health hazard to clients.

That defines most acupuncture I have seen.

"Based on the investigation of the centre, we are alerting clients of Ms. Hu that they may be at increased risk of exposure to blood-borne infections that can be transmitted by improper and unsanitary acupuncture techniques."

The article alludes to acupuncture as they mechanism source of infections as well as 

other treatments involving blood or bodily fluids.

What was going on in the clinic? 

How many people were exposed is not certain as

Murti said Hu did not keep proper records, and it's difficult to know how many people might have been affected.

The health department is recommending testing by clients for blood borne pathogens. Normally I would worry about HIV and Hepatitis B and C, but evidently Hu had even worse technique than I would have thought possible.

On her door is a list of diseases for which she wants her clients to contact her if they have been exposed to or currently have so she can make a special appointment.

The diseases include smallpox. Smallpox. 


Yes, if you have or have been exposed to smallpox, most certainly see Hu for acupuncture, or perhaps other treatments involving blood or bodily fluids.

This list is a further suggestion that infection control is not well understood in the acupuncture world.