More Tooth Fairy Science: Ayurgenomics

More Tooth Fairy Science: Ayurgenomics

Over at Respectful Insolence there is a nice entry entitled Tooth Fairy science about traditional Chinese medicine, promoted in the Wall Street Journal.

It concerns the efforts to find reality in the diagnostic and therapeutic fantasies that is Traditional Chinese Pseudo-Medicine (TCPM). To sum up

It’s all utter nonsense, of course. It’s as perfect example of what Harriet Hall likes to refer to as Tooth Fairy science as I’ve ever seen. Basically, Tooth Fairy science involves applying the scientific method to phenomena that don’t exist.

There are many other systems of pseudo-medicine. In India there is Ayurveda, a system based on prakriti or body types, of which there are three: windy, bilious and phlegmatic. Why this would be legitimate as well as the hot and cold patterns of TCPM or the humours of medieval Europe is never discussed.  Can they all be valid?


Like TCPM, India wasting huge sums of money, $16 million, trying to find scientific legitimacy with their own version of tooth fairy science, “ayurgenomics” which

has roped in dozens of researchers from leading institutions such as the Indian Institute of Science here and the Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology in Hyderabad. And it has published papers on the genetic bases of Ayurvedic traits, some of them in leading journals. “We are trying to contemporize Ayurveda.

Unfortunately for tooth fairy science in India,

the premise of prakritis is unscientific, which undermines any studies that rely on them. “You can do genomics on samples collected in studies of pseudoscience,” he says, “but that doesn't make it science.”

In the US, in China, and now in India quackademics rolls on, wasting time, money, careers and health.  So sad.

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