Acupuncture as Gamma-hydroxybutyrate

Acupuncture as Gamma-hydroxybutyrate

Interesting headline: 80-Year-Old Man Paralyzes Women with Acupuncture, Molests Them. It continues:

Seo is also accused of taking off A’s panties and molesting her after paralyzing her with acupuncture needles in the foot, he got access to A after promising to treat her uterus. Another victim, a 22-year-old employee, was also molested after receiving paralyzing acupuncture from Seo.

As one commentator said

I thought paralysis acupuncture was only possible in movies.

You are correct , Sir. There is no way acupuncture could cause paralysis. It cannot and does not do anything. But what might of happened? I lack information as to the real events, but I have seen patients with hysterical paralysis and hysterical blindness (aka conversion disorder). Neither had a physiologic cause of their problem but could not walk or see. I have seen patient with melanomas the size of a large button mushroom and another with erosive tumor on his abdomen the size of dinner plate. Both completely denied anything wrong.

It was hard to believe the patients were unaware of the problem. I have been amazed over the years of what people can do given the right situation.

I wonder what kind of social expectations allowed the acupuncturist to convince his victims that they were paralyzed. Some odd combination of male dominance, conversion disorder and the Stockholm syndrome? I don’t know.  Psychology is not my strong 

If indeed the event occurred as written. Given the inability of most news outlets to be even remotely accurate about pseudo-medicines, I am a touch skeptical that the events occurred as reported.

If accurate, it is more interesting about a milieu that allows a predator to use a worthless pseudo-medicine as a weapon for abuse and how people can convince themselves of the impossible.  

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