Points of Interest: 4/18/2014

  • Anti-BPA crusaders’ baseless fearmongering. “He recently implied in the Record that BPA causes cancer and hormone disorders in children. But Dr. Rosen practices quack medicine, and thus his BPA comments should be disregarded. He relies on such voodoo (a.k.a. woo) as homeopathy, aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, Reiki, meditation and guided imagery in his practice “operated according to the principles of ecologically sustainable medicine.””

  • DOES THE CITY OF PORTLAND BELIEVE IN HOMEOPATHY? “The City of Portland is dumping a gazillion litres of water because some oik whizzed in it. The city of Portland, Oregon, has been forced to dump millions of gallons of drinking water. Why? Because someone urinated into a water reservoir.”

  • Homeopaths fight back over negative finding"“There are screeds and screeds of clinical trials that homeopathic remedies work but this study appears to have not included any of them.”“ Screeds? as in”a long and often angry piece of writing that usually accuses someone of something or complains about something." I’ll buy that.

  • Mumps Prevention Measures (Including Staying Away From Anti-Vaxxers)

Homeopathic Urine
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