Points of Interest: 04/03/2014

  • Diet Supplement Causes Nearly 100 Hepatitis Cases. As of February, OxyElite Pro, a dietary supplement manufactured by USPLabs that claims to help people burn fat, has been linked to 97 cases of hepatitis, including 47 people who were hospitalized, three who needed liver transplantations and one person who died.

  • Has the Minister for Magic Jeremy Hunt gone too far?. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says traditional Chinese medicine should be available on the NHS...The doctor insists he is speaking not with a closed mind, just a sensible one: “If the evidence came out, then of course I’d revisit it.

  • Suspended Bothell physician confronts his alma mater, defends his practice. Catanzaro appealed his suspension and is waiting for a scheduled hearing to take place. "I am not some quack physician who barely made it through school and operates some hole-in-the-wall medicine man type establishment bilking innocent and suffering patients out of their money as I have been portrayed," he wrote. "I find Bastyr University's comments to the media regarding my work in the cancer arena and absolute failure to support me unconscionable and egregious! Simply put, in spite of my life-time dedication to the field of natural medicine, Bastyr University and natural medicine continue to remain relatively obscure only because of the absolute failure of the deans, professors and staff and the university at large to support the visionaries in this field."

A primer on Stanislaw Burzynski and antineoplaston...
Decline in Homeopathy Use