Points of Interest 4/1/2014

  • Homeopathy lacks scientific credibility

  • How Chiropractic Marketing Is Being Revolutionized By ChiroTrust."To Get What You Want You Must First Give People What They Want....Chiropractors can’t agree with each other on technique, frequency of visits, what conditions Chiropractic care is good for, etc., etc., etc. Yet, you know what’s best for the patient?...Now, if people happen to want what they need, which is what you are offering… you are a hero....Sadly, for most Chiropractors, this is not the case. What most Chiropractors dictate to patients is not even close to what they want...This is why research is NOT the answer to our profession’s problems." Of course, I am being selective in my quoting.

  • Dr. Oz’s rotting credibility on food" Oz has gone from a vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University to an “alternative medicine” shyster. His denial of the scientific consensus behind GIFs is only the latest in a long line of pseudoscientific views Oz has taken in recent years. It started by promoting Ayurvedic medicine, mystics, and Reiki (the Japanese art of harnessing energy fields). But these are spirituality, not medicine."

  • Vaccine truthers’ scary new craze: Exemptions from public school immunizations. Lunatics are increasingly seeking to sidestep required public school vaccinations. Here's why we shouldn't let them.

  • To Reporters on the Eve of Autism Awareness Month. A good article from the Huffington Post ?!?

Should medical students be taught alternative medi...
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