Pseudo-Medicines combine and recombine in a continual fantastical dance. Pick any two alternative medicines and someone, somewhere, has combined them into a unique treatment modality. My favorite is Tong Ren, a form of voodoo acupuncture.

I had thought, perhaps incorrectly, that no one could come up with a more ludicrous combination. Perhaps it would be dark energy homeopathy or dark matter acupuncture. I suppose it is just a matter of time before someone combines some pseudo-medical modality with the time cube and their nonsense will reign supreme.

Until then it is more mundane combinations.

There is the idea that as long as you are sticking needles in people you might as well add other substances to the needle and drag them into the dermis. It is called mesotherapy. Like much of pseudo-medicine, the concept doesn’t entail the concept of germ theory, which is just a theory after all.

There have been 35 reports of odd infections associated with mesotherapy, often atypical mycobacteria.

Evidently there is also bee venom acupuncture:

Bee venom acupuncture is growing in popularity, especially in Korea, and is used primarily for pain relief in many kinds of diseases as an alternative medical treatment.

And  in a new report  bee venom acupuncture too is associated with odd infections:

We report 3 cases of Mycobacterium chelonae infections after bee venom acupuncture. All were treated with antibiotics and surgery.

A common organism in the environment and water, it is not an uncommon cause of soft tissue infections where simple infection control interventions are ignored.

The authors finish with inadvertent whimsy:

Considering the increasing use of bee venom therapy and considerable morbidity of NTM infection, prevention efforts of infections are needed through strict adherence to infection control principles, including sterilization of venom extraction, purification process, injection equipment, and environment.

Strict adherence? LOL. I would be happy with gloves.

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