Points of Interest 3/26/2014

  • Chiropractors claim that excessive texting lowers your life span. "...when we lean forward to text and tweet, our hunched stance is taking years off our lives. The bad posture, it's claimed, is preventing us from breathing properly, which could cause cardiovascular problems later in life. The study's conclusion is that everyone should get their spines checked out by their local chiropractor "

  • "This quack chiropractor thinks he can cure everything!". "Once the subluxation is removed, the body works well enough to heal itself. The problem is there is no way currently to predict how involved a subluxation is with a problem that you are experiencing."

  • Dr. Oz’s Rotting Credibility on Food. "Oz has gone from a vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University to an “alternative medicine” shyster. His denial of the scientific consensus behind GIFs is only the latest in a long line of pseudoscientific views Oz has taken in recent years. It started by promoting Ayurvedic medicine, mystics, and Reiki (the Japanese art of harnessing energy fields)."

  • Rich suburbs have low immunisation rates, research shows.""Only about 80 per cent of five-year-old children in suburbs such as Manly, Paddington and Annandale are fully immunised against contagious diseases..."

  • Vaccine misinformation winning in British Columbia.

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