Points of Interest: 3/2/2014

  • Don’t ask, don’t tell: Chiropractors should report problems, says surgeon"orthopaedic spinal surgeon John Cunningham said chiropractors were not reporting problems following their treatments that could include dissection of arteries in the neck - a serious injury that could cause stroke.‘‘Adverse event reporting systems are crucial for maintaining quality and safety in health care,’’ the letter said. Such systems ensured ‘‘professional accountability and [improved] patient care’’.
  • Sweden Gets a Homeopathic ER.“Millions of people have seen the “That Mitchell and Webb Look” video where comedians enact the absurdities of what it would be like at a homeopathic ER. A man with suspected internal injuries is rolled into accidents and emergency department and given extremely diluted substance. However, did you know that Sweden got its first homeopathic ER just a couple of months ago?”
  • Using a dowser/golf ball finder to diagnose and cure AIDS. Egypt, as my son would say, has been put on blast.
  • Disc herniation after chiropractic. “ Disc herniations after chiropractic have been reported regularly and since many years. It is not often that I hear chiropractors admit that their spinal manipulations carry serious risks.”
  • Embedded pearls cause serious health condition.
Needless Death
Disingenuous: Adding acupuncture adds nothing.