Points of Interest: 2/26/2014

  • Jonathan Kay: Ontario shouldn’t be legitimizing naturopathic “medicine” ““Pioneering Ontario clinic hopes to make naturopathy mainstream” is the headline that the Globe & Mail newspaper put on a Wednesday article, detailing the Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic, described as “the first naturopathic clinic inside a hospital in Canada.” Given the pseudoscientific nature of naturopathic medicine, the term “pioneering” is an odd one here — unless the author was wryly referencing the primitive level of medical knowledge available to the 17th-century pioneers who explored the territory on which the Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic eventually would be built.”
  • Pioneering Ontario clinic hopes to make naturopathy mainstream “Ontario is poised this spring to grant naturopaths permission to prescribe some drugs and order lab tests, a proposition that has prompted a fierce backlash from the province’s doctors’ association and their regulatory college, both of which warn the changes could compromise patient safety.” See more at SBM.
  • When This Anti-Vaccine Image Went Viral, an Immunologist Responded — and it Was Amazing. “I am going to sound derogatory, but if you don’t have formal education in at least biology, you have no role to talk about the way vaccines should be done. You have no idea of the actual function and mechanism in which they work, and you have is a vague knowledge that mercury used to make people mad, formaldehyde is used in embalming and that ammonium sulfate and aluminium phosphate sound scary.”
Points of Interest: 2/25/2014