Points of Interest 2/12/2014

  • Leaving the Anti-Vaccine Movement. An interesting look into a person who left the dark side.
  • Battle of the pseudo-medicines. Acupuncturists Needle Chiropractic Board in Court “Acupuncturists sued the Texas chiropractic board, claiming it creates a ”significant threat“ to public safety by allow chiropractors to do acupuncture.” I would suspect it is also a “significant threat” to public safety by allow chiropractors to do chiropractic and acupuncturists to do acupuncture.
  • Here’s why we should research alternative therapies. Mostly an argument we should have a better understanding as to why people use pseudo-medicines.
  • Juan Bi Tang. Qualifiers galore: “While Juan Bi Tang has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, clinical trials testing this formula’s health effects are currently lacking. Still, a number of scientific studies indicate that certain herbs found in Juan Bi Tang may be beneficial in relieving pain and improving the health of joints and muscles….It should also be noted that, due to dietary supplements being largely unregulated, the content of some herbal products may differ from what is specified on the product label. While consumers face such risk with any dietary supplement, they may be greater when purchasing Juan Bi Tang and other products with a variety of herbs in varying doses.” And that is from a proponent. I think I would pass.
  • What Does Being Healthy Really Mean? 5 Difference Between Chinese and Western Medicine: “Ancient Chinese physicians went one better. Like the comic book Superman, a number of the famous ones had supernormal X-ray vision. and ”Western medicine considers microbes most important. Finding microbes, isolating microbes, and preventing their spread is key in winning the fight against illnesses." I am skeptical of the former and embrace the latter.
  • There is a War on Integrative Medicine.. It is odd as I see the progressive use of worthless pseudo-medicines. Ah, different perspectives.
Points of Interest: 2/13/2014
Dangerous Liasons: chiropractors and drugs