Points of Interest: 1/22/2014

  • Acupuncture: A Natural Treatment For Glaucoma?  "Because of the poor quality of the study and the high risk of bias the authors of the review concluded that, “On the basis of currently available evidence, the benefit and harm of acupuncture as a therapeutic modality for glaucoma cannot be established."  Do not rely on pseudo-medicine when failure could lead to blindness.
  • An under-recognized effect of using Chinese Medicine, contributing to animal extinction.  "Poaching is primarily done to satisfy the alternative and complementary medicine markets, which are a quirky shadow business in America (the U.S. government's $120 million annual National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine - NCCAM - boondoggle aside) but in Asia, alternative medicine is popular...A long-term strategy is not to demonize hunting, even the illegal kind, or even goofy pseudo-medical practices, but rather to tackle the growing wealth gap between African areas of supply and Asian centers of demand, which remains a central dynamic to the problem. "
  • It is nice to see this outside the SBM site. Stanislaw Burzynski’s counteroffensive against FDA, Texas Medical Board continues



Points of Interest: 1/23/2014