Points of Interest: 1/18/2014

  • Worthless acupuncture study.  Studies without sham acupuncture show efficacy.  Studies with sham acupuncture always show acupuncture is placebo and placebo is nothing. "Acupuncture was as effective as NSAID therapy for patients with primary dysmenorrhea.” Group 1 received NSAIDs and group 2 received acupuncture care. Both groups received treatment for one month. The NSAID group showed a 52.2% decrease in dysmenorrhea related pain. The acupuncture group demonstrated a 69.5% decrease in dysmenorrhea related pain."
  • You are correct about chiropractic. Creepy Chiropractic Thoughts: "So I asked Mrs. Jones what was troubling her about coming to my office for the correct or proper care of her health, her spinal column. And she replied “Doc., I don’t really like all this foolishness with my bones.” 
  • "Zhang tries to alarm the public about the “dangers” of TCM."  Yet they always show an acupuncture photograph with the worst technique possible. Bare hands holding the needle in the scalp.  Eeuw.  If you are an Infectious Disease doctor these photos give you the heebie-jeebies.
  • "In Pakistan, Taliban commanders have forbidden vaccination teams access in some areas. A handful of religious leaders have also denounced the campaign as a plot to sterilize Muslim children."  And polio thrives.
  • Is fish oil a “miracle” brain healer? CNN does irresponsible story.
Points of Interest: 1/19/2014
People Die. Homeopathy Can Help.